BNM consultancy is a Personal Consultant service.  A Personal Consultant looks out for the best interest of the client.  ​You, the client is the focus.  You are the important factor and yes it is all about you!  BNM  consultancy will do the research for you and provide you with the data, advise you and consult you on a situation to always ensure what is to YOUR best interest.

You lead a busy hectic life, got that.  Therefore, having a Personal Consultant will be helpful.  Someone that maintains YOUR needs, your wants, watches out for you is what BNM consultancy is all about.  How refreshing to know that you have a Personal Consultant that is looking out for YOUR best interest in your busy hectic life.

With such modern technology of ​skype, facebook phone call connect, text, face time and mobile phone business can be conducted remotely from a distance; without physical contact.

 With all respect I say that at BNM consultancy it is standard procedure that fees are paid and cleared prior to services rendered.  Most consultants charge by the hour keeping track of hours work, these are called  “chargeable hours”.  I am against chargeable hours because charging by the hour MIGHT delay in getting the client the answer to the situation. BNM consultancy fees are a flat rate. The fees are fair.  I am good at what I do.  I have been doing research, analyze, write for over 20 years.  This is standard Personal Consulting prices regardless if you are quoted a flat rate or a rate by the hour to add up to the flat rate.

$ 7,000    fee for one occasion

$ 37,000  monthly retainer fee available to you 24 hours a day 

  Personal  Consultant

 ​​​​​​ Your Personal Consultant 
looking out for the best interest of you and looking out for you

Hello, my name is Nancy.

My passion is research, analyze, write.

I have been doing research, analyze, write

for over 20 years.  I came up with an idea

of something for me to do with my

experience, learnings and schooling. 

I decided to be a Personal Consultant.